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“Transparent Electronics: From Materials & Devices to Devices & Systems


Eight Universities and Higher Education Institutions from seven European countries with strong activities in the field of electronics devices and circuits based on transparent and flexible materials consists a consortium to organize this IP-ERASMUS Summer School
Professors, scientists and researchers from these Institutions will offer to their students a unique opportunity to be together in Chania, the beautiful city in Western Crete and in a multinational and multicultural environment to attend a course in the very promoting area of transparent electronics.
I would like to welcome you in our website and I am remaining to meet you in Chania next July for this very important event.
The Target group of TRANSELECT ERASMUS-IP are a: undergraduate students from Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Material Science and Electrical Engineering and b: postgraduate students that have just started their research in the field of transparent electronics.
Students from the participating Institutions (up to 5 per Institution) will get a grant from ERASMUS Program but any student interesting on this field is welcomed
As the coordinator of the hosting Institution I would like to express my warmest thanks to my colleagues, Elvira, Thomas, George, Marcus, Stefan, Kostas and George who coordinate the program on behalf of their Institutions, and Popi and my students for their invaluable help for the organization of this Program.
I have also thank the European Lifelong Learning Programme, the National Greek Agency (IKY), T.E.I. of Crete and our Sponsors for their financial support

Prof. Yiannis Kaliakatsos
Deputy President of TEI Crete Council
Coordinator of TRANSELECT-IP

Coordinating Institution